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Kichler Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, especially outdoor lighting by Kichler is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your home. Kichler Outdoor Lighting can also provide a nice warm glow of light to help welcome guests to your home as well as enhance your home’s appearance and security at night. Kichler Outdoor Lighting comes in many styles, price points and finishes. Whether it is traditional, transitional or contemporary, Kichler Outdoor Lighting has all the products to meet your needs.

Exterior Wall Lighting

Kichler Outdoor Lighting has many options when it comes to selecting lighting for the exterior walls of your home. In almost all cases, these lights are mounted to 120 volt wall box outlet on the exterior of your home. When people typically remodel, the exterior lighting is an important part of that. The home comes together and Kichler Outdoor Lighting can really enhance the curb appeal of your home.

One thing to look at when making a decision on outdoor lighting is to make sure you purchase the correct size of Kichler Outdoor Lighting. Scale is a big factor when making your decision. Make sure that you do not purchase a light that is too small or large for the wall that it is going to be installed on. We have all seen fixtures on the outside of someone’s garage that do not seem to “fit” in the space or are too large or small for the scale of the house. Nothing is worse than making selecting a fixture that is too small or large for the space. As a general rule, back patio and side door fixtures are smaller than the front garage and porch fixtures. Side patio fixtures should be 5 – 8 inches wide and 8-11 inches tall. Medium size garage are typically 8-16 inches wide and 14-24 inches tall. Please note that these are just estimates. I suggest using a piece of cardboard and cutting out a circle or square of how you think the fixture should look size wise. That will give you scale and then help provide you with what size of Kichler outdoor lanterns you may need.

Another consideration is the source of light that you want to have. There are 3 basic light sources that Kichler Outdoor Lighting has. Those are Incandescent (A lamp), Fluorescent and LED. They all offer a good source a light.

Outdoor lighting by Kichler is a great way to go when selecting outdoor lighting for an update of your existing home or when building a new home. Kichler has the styles, price points, sizes and lamp source to meet all budgets.

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