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Kichler Landscape Lighting

Kichler Landscape Lighting is the premiere landscape lighting company in the market today. Kichler Landscape Lighting come is a variety of style, price points and lamp options. Kichler Landscape Lighting has everything from an incandescent light source to LED as the light source. Whichever light source you choose, be confident that Kichler Landscape Lighting will surely fit the needs of your yard at night.

Outdoor living has become a huge industry and a big part of home and yard design. Outdoor living helps bring the inside of the house out to the yard. As part of the outdoor living movement, Kichler has designing a line of landscape lighting to fit all of your outdoor living needs. Everything from accent to path lights to hardscape and spot lights, Kichler Landscape Lighting has it all. Over the last 3 years, LED (light emitting diode) lighting has been a big part of Kichler Landscape Lighting design. LED has revolutionized this industry. Kichler Landscape Lighting was one of the first companies to recognize this and it is really paying off. Kichler Landscape Lighting has a big line-up of LED products to fit your landscape lighting needs. The big advantage of LED is the energy savings aspect of this medium. You can virtually save approximately 75% of your energy consumption when using LED instead of incandescent. The benefits of LED do not stop there however. Kichler Landscape Lighting in LED also saves you money on re-lamping. Most of Kichler’s LED landscape lights lamp life is 40,000-50,000 hours vs. typical halogen incandescent lamp life of about 5,000-10,000 hours. So you save money on re-lamping which can be expensive as well. In fact, the type Kichler Landscape Lighting system in LED will generally pay for itself in saved energy and re-lamping costs in approximately 4 years. One cannot underestimate the power of LED and how the entire lighting industry has shifted its focus on this very important energy saving platform.

So, be sure to consider LED for your next outdoor lighting project. You should also consider making sure you buy a landscape light that will last. Kichler Landscape Lighting is built to last and will properly light what you want to light in your yard. Kichler has all the landscape lights to do just that.

Check out our large selection of Kichler Landscape Lighting including: Deck-Step Lighting, Directional-Accent Lighting, LED Landscape Lights, Path Lights, and Well and Underwater Lights.

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