Kichler Contemporary Ceiling Fans

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Kichler Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Kichler Lighting is a leading brand in the lighting industry today. Kichler combines its experience in all channels it serves and then develops products to serve those channels as well as meet consumer demand. Approximately 5 years ago, Kichler entered the ceiling fan market and they quietly have become one of the style and volume leaders in the ceiling fan category of home fashion and home décor. Their mission was to create a ceiling fan company that combines their experience in residential lighting and fashion into ceiling fan designs that work in today’s homes. Kichler contemporary ceiling fans serve the ever growing market for contemporary product.

Contemporary Ceiling Fan Trends

As with their interior product, Kichler developed a line of contemporary ceiling fans to meet the demands of the modern market. Kichler contemporary ceiling fans offer consumers a real choice in contemporary ceiling fan design. Not only do Kichler contemporary ceiling fans have sleek clean lines, they are also very functional. After all, that is the first order of concern not only for Kichler contemporary ceiling fans – functionality.

Kichler Contemporary Ceiling Fans Are Very Functional

Kichler contemporary ceiling fans are powered to perform. Not only do they look great with a sleek modern look, they are very functional and a powerful way to help move air and cool your home. Kichler contemporary ceiling fans use a variety of blade choices and blade pitches to help move the air. Many of our contemporary ceiling fans have multiple blades. This allows Kichler to design a contemporary fan without compromising functionality. Simply put, Kichler contemporary ceiling fans move air and help keep your home cool. They are very functional.

Kichler Contemporary Ceiling Fans – Number of Fans to Choose From

Kichler contemporary ceiling fans have over 19 different types of styles to choose from. All of them have a variety of price points. From 2 blades to 7 blade fans, Kichler contemporary ceiling fans are ready to help you cool your home and provide a great contemporary touch to your home.

One of the more popular looks is our new Link fan. It is a 2 blade design that moves almost as much air as a 5 blade fan and at the same time providing a nice modern feel for your home. The Link also is also powered by a direct current motor. Direct current motors are a new motor technology which provides the same amount of performance as a regular fan motor at approximately 70% less energy.


That about sums it up for Kichler contemporary ceiling fans. I am sure you will find the perfect contemporary fan for your home when looking at Kichler contemporary ceiling fans.

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