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Kichler Ceiling Fans

Sit back and relax to the cool breezes of Kichler ceiling fans. With Kichler ceiling fans, the beauty is in the craftsmanship, performance and style that Kichler ceiling fans deliver to you. From living room, bedroom, master bedroom, family room and outdoor room, Kichler has the right fan at the right price point for you. Kichler makes it beautiful and easy to escape the rigors of everyday life with fans that stand the test of time and with fans that perform.

Many Kichler fans feature DC motors that operate up to 70% more efficient than a standard AC motor fan. That results in energy saving to you and more importantly money in your pocket. Kichler ceiling fans that feature DC motors also operate at a cooler temperature for longer overall life. To further your energy and money savings, many Kichler ceiling fans are energy star compliant and that is your assurance of energy savings.

Many Kichler ceiling fans also include Kichler’s CoolTouch control system. It is easy to use and puts the control of the fan in your hands. It gives you the ability to wirelessly control the fan from the palm of your hand.

Kichler ceiling fans also feature carefree installation and operation. Kichler strives to exceed expectations with the design and operation of their fans. Motors are designed to optimize total spinning weight, blade pitch, and surface area. To demonstrate the commitment to quality, Kichler ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor.

Kichler also has many styles and collections of fans for everyday living. Styles include traditional, transitional, tropical, and many more. Many of their collections coordinate with their interior styles and fixtures. Our fans also match many of our most popular interior families. The style you select for your fan is just the beginning of the selection process. Many of Kichler’s fans offer matching lighting families from Kichler.

Some tips for selecting the right fan size are as follows. Larger rooms (approximately 30’ by 16’) can often accommodate 2 fans. Smaller rooms can accommodate generally one ceiling fan. It is important to select the correct blade length (30-70 inch) and blade pitch. Generally speaking, a blades pitch of 14 degrees or greater is a good bell-weather measurement for moving air.

Whatever Kichler ceiling fan you decide on buying, rest assured you will find a quality fan at the right price point from Kichler.

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